Monday, 28 December 2015

Macau 2015 Tai Chi Chuan Stamp Issue

The "Tai Chi Chuan" Stamp Set, Sheetlet (Contain 4 Sets of 4 Stamps)shown above was issued on 30 November 2015.

We are now offering the following items :
Items Price (excluding shipping cost)
Mint Stamp Set (A set of 4 stamps) US$5
Mint Sheetlet (Contain 4 Sets of 4 Stamps) US$9

Shipping : US$5.5 (by registered mail), US$3 (by ordinary airmail)
We recommend shipping by registered mail. Hong Kong registered mail is traceable, and its status can be tracked at Hong Kong Post website at : Ordinary airmail is not tracked nor traceable. All unregistered shipments are mailed at buyer's risk!
Items may be combined to save postage.

If you want to have any of those items mentioned above please do contact us. Please note that we prefer your payment via Paypal. Other method can be discussed with me by email.


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